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In july 2003 , sixteen - year - old callie rogers became one of the youngest in britain to win the lottery
callie was with her boyfriend gary when the lottery results came on the television , callie checked her numbers - she had chosen family birthdays - and found she had won £2 milion.

'i was really excited , i screamed and jumped in the air' , said shop assistant callie , ' but it wont change me as a person , I just want to be comfortable. im going to look after the people who have looked after me'

callie can now answer the question, 'what would you do if you won the lottery?' shes going to go on her first holiday abroad , perhaps buy a car and take her nephew to disneyland, shes going to take her foster - parents on a huge shopping trip. ' and then im going to go back to school to take my exams '

callies choices are quite typical . what would you do if you won the lottery?

4.detailed read. read the text and answer the questions.

1)How old is callie?
2)Why is she special?
3) who was she with when the lottery results came on the television?
4)has callie ever been abroad?
5)how many teenagres in the survey would move abroad if they won the lottery?
6) what are the chances of winning the lottery?
7)what are the chances of being hit by lightning?

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1. Now, Julie is 23 years old ( bo wygrała w 2003)
2. She is special because she is the youngest in Britan to win the lottery.
3. She was with her boyfriend.
4. Yes, she has been abroad.
5. I thing nowaday a lot of teenagers would move abroad. They would try to find better opportiunities for themselves.
6. The chances are least possible. But faith works wonders.
7. The chances are probable if you are standing near the tree.