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match the phrases

1) if we didnt have to sleep.
2)if there one world language
3)if we didnt have hair
4)if there were no cars
5)if animals could speak
6)if it never rained
7) if there were no telephones
8) if we could fly

a)wed be nicer to them
b)we'd write more letters
c) there would be no aeroplanes
d)hat makers would be rich
e) i wouldnt have to learn english
f)the world would be a lot cleaner
g) wed have a lot more time
h) we wouldnt need umbrellas.

1b comlete with the correct form of the verb
1) if kids(can) ....... make the rules , school (start)............. in the afternoon.

2)if i (have)....... the chance I (go) ........ on big brother
3)if it (not/study)....english . i (learn).....french

4)there ( not/be).........many celebritesif there (not/be).............any TVs.

5) we (be)............bored if we (not/have to).......work.

6)we (not/be).................so tried if we (have).................longer holidays.

1c write sentences . use the second conditional.
1) I cant buy a new mobile because I dont have enough money .

2) i wont go to yhe party because im shy

3)he isnt answering the question because he doesnt understand it.

4) she cant do her homework because she doesnt have the rights books.

5) they are fat because they eat fast food every day.

6) i cant text him because i dont know his number.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

1. g
2. e
3. d
4. f
5. a
6. h
7. b
8. c


1. could, would start
2. had, would go
3. didn't study, would learn
4. wouldn't be, didn't be
5. would be, didn't have to
6. wouldn't be, had.


1. If i had enough money, I would/could buy a new mobile.
2. If I weren't shy, I would go to the party.
3. If he understood the question, he would answet it.
4. If she had the right books, she would/could do her homework.
5. If they didn't eat fast food every day, they wouldn't be fat.
6. If i knew his number, would/could text him.