Representation of Polish handball players lost to Iceland, the fight for the bronze medal played the European Championships in Austria.

29:26 Icelandic beat us, and thus took third place in the tournament. Fourth place and the Poles are so successful. And he was promoted to the semi-final with Croatia winning this great achievement, staff Bogdan fan.

The Poles gave us a lot of emotions during these championships and for that we thank our players!
Poland - Germany

In the first half of the match the pace of gameplay was in a very fast way. Just in the beggining Krzynowek Had great opportunity to get score. Unfortunately he aimed above the net. The next minutes of the game belonged to germans. The play had place on polish side of pitch

Germans were cooperating well. Lukas Podolski managed to get the first goal for germans at 20 minute of the game. Podolski is from Poland so he didn't show his happiness after that. He looked rather sad what was incredible.

Polish football players were depressed after their loose but while the time was flowing they played better and better. Maciej Zurawki was close to get a goal. The ball missed the destination just few centimetres further.

At 73rd minute of the game a mistake of Golanski was used by Podolski who managed to shoot another goal.