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Albert Einstein was born on Friday on 14 March 1879 r. at hour 11: 30 at home at Bahnhofstrasse B with No. 135 in the Ulm city put in the Württemberg in the South German. Paulina was his mother Einstein, and with father Hermann Einstein. Both were Jews [5]. Hermann traded pierzynam, until his brother Jacob didn't persuade it for shared establishing the unit producing gas fittings and water and sewage. In 1881 r. the entire family moved to Munich, where the unit was formed, there of also 18 November 1881 r. Maria was born, only sister of Einstein. The Albert for the first time touched the learning, when he had five years. His father showed him the compass which action exerted on Alberta ” deep and long-lasting impression ”. At that time the Albert began the learning at home. Since his mother was a music, the Albert in the century of six years started learning the playing of the violin. He took lessons of the game to the thirteenth year of the life, and then he played to the advanced years, until for him it started causing the market big trudnośc. In 1886 r. started attending the universal school, where was one of the best pupils. From 1888 r. walked to the Catholic Luitpolda secondary school in Munich, where also went for him well. Company She started einsteiniums to fall into decline, so in 1894 r. Einsteinowie couples moved to Milan in Italy, and not wanting their son to give the learning up, they left him in Munich under the care of members of distant relations. According to Maria in this period for her the brother became nervous, even symptoms of depression appeared. After the trip of parents Einstein wrote out half a year oneself from the school and attached to parents in Milan, where alone prepared to enter university. When in the October after the arrival at Zurich 1895 r. entered an entrance exam to the local technical university (renamed later on Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich – ETHZ), he needed the special permission, because he lacked two years up to the minimal century. Unfortunately because of poor results from humanistic objects the attempt to pass an examination ended in failure .