Popraw błędy w zdaniach: ( trzeba tylko zamienić miejscem wyrazy )
1)Where do you from?
2)Do you have got a computer?
3)What do your father does?
4)Where from is your favourite singer?
5)What's your a telephone number?
6)Is your best friend go to school with you?
7)Do your grandma live with you?
8)What time do you finish school in Monday?
9)Have you got dog?
10)Do you life in a house or in a flat?
11)What's your mother job?
12)Is Kate and Tom your friends?
13)How is your email address?
14)Are you a Polish?
15)What are your teacher's name?
16)What's your favourite school's subject?



1. where are you from?
2. do you have a computer?
3. What does your father?
4. Where is your favourite singer from?
5. What's your telephone number?
6. Does your best friend go to school with you?
7. Does your grandma live with you?
8. On Monday, nie in Monday
9. Have you got a dog?
10. Do you live.....
11. What's your mother's job?
12. Are kate and tom.....
13. nie wiem
14. Are you Polish?
15. What is your.......
16. What's your favourite school subject?
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1)Where are you from?
2)Have you got a computer?
9)Have you got a dog?