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Last Friday I was going to the seaside with my friends. It was already dark and some of my friends, Agnes and Ryan, had already felt asleep. I was talking with the one who was driving, Mark. I was drinking a can of Cola and he asked me to give him some. I gave him the can but unfortunately it suddenly dropped out of his hand and we skidded. Both of us shouted and others woke up with fear in their eyes. They didn't know what was happening and it was so dark that we were scared to stiff, the more so because we hit something. "Oh my God, we knocked someone over!" shouted Agnes "What will we do now?! What will we do?!" I told her to calm down and said that it might have been the piece of a tree or a stone but she was shocked and didn't want to believe it. We got out of the car and was trying to seek for a person or an animal we had hit. After a while Mark noticed a pushchair in a distance of a few metres and we were convinced that we had killed a baby. While we were running up to it, Agnes fainted and Ryan had to stay to revive her. Mark and I approached the pushchair and... to our relief it was only a pushchair with a doll. It turned out that some girl had left it on the rode and had forgotten to take it home. We knocked on the door of a nearby house and told what had happened. The girl's mother apologized to us for problems and suggested that we stayed overnight and set out on a journey in the morning. We agreed, rested, and continued our journey.
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