Musze napisac e-mail do kolegi.W tym e-mailu ma byc odpowiedz na te pytania

1.What country are you writing from?
2.What do you think of the country?
3.Where have you been and what have you done in the last few days?
4.Have you enjoyed the experience?
5.Where are you staying tonight?
5.Where and how are you travelling in the future?
Daje naj ;))



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Janusz
Thank's for your email.I'm writing from Poland.My country are beautiful.You must see my country.Last few days I'm done repairing my computer.Tonight I'm staying in "mariot" in the Warsaw.In the future I'm must see a Greece.Greetings

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1. I'm writting from Poland.
2. This is beautiful country, I love this country.
3.In last few days Iwas in school, I was studing a lot of interesting things.
4. Yes, I have. No, I haven't. Wybierz sobie.
5.I study in my bedroom.
6.I don't now but I hope I will be doing something good and fun.
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