Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A nightmare holiday:
- Somebody can steal your wallet.
- You can loose your passport.
- You can lost in strange city.
- The weather can be very bed.
A fantastic holiday:
- You can meet interesting people.
- You can visit many interesting place.
- You can relax on the beach.
- You can have a good fun.
Trip to the seaside:
- you can take a sunbath
- you can dive in in the sea
- you can play a water sport.
- you can build a sand castle
Trip to the mountain
- you can climbing
- you can ski
- you can admire beautiful view
- you can play in the snow with friends
Trip to the lake:
- you can swim
- you can fishing
- you can swim on the boat
- you can relax
Trip to the forest
- you can assemble mushrooms
- you can breath a clean air
- you can admire a animals
- you can collect a berry