Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear ( wpisz imie koleżanki ).
How are you ? Thank you for your letter and your photo. Just like you've asked me in the letter I will describe myself and my family. I live in ( wpisz nazwę miasta w którym mieszkasz ) with my family. I've got two brothers Tomek and Adrian. Tomek is 24 years old and Adrian is 18. Tomek is a tall brunette. He works as a computer scientist. Adrian studies in the same profession as the oldest brother. My parents are both 45 years old. My dad is interested in cars. He is a photographer. My mom is slim and she's got blue eyes. She is interested in painting and she is a cook. Please answer my letter. If you have siblings than write about it (them).
Always sincerely yours
( wpisz twoje imie ).

Imiona braci oczywiście zmyślone ;p