Interviev two other students.Ask them the questions in the What if ...? questionnaire and note down the answers.
Questionnaire What if...?
1 What will you do tonight if you don"t have any homework?
2 What will you do at the weekend if the weather"s bad?
3 What will you reply if a friend invites you to the cinema after school?
4 What will you say if your family asks you to cook supper tonight?
5 What will you do if you can"t sleep tonight?
6 What will you do if you forget your bag when you go home today?
7 What will you do if you find someone"s purse in the street on the way home?
8 What will you say if a classmate wants to copy your work after class?



1. I go to a friend.
2. I'll be sitting at home and read books.
3. Of course, that you go.
4. I do, but do not cook too well.
5. You can listen to music.
6. As soon as possible after her back.
7. This notification to the police.
8. I do not mind.
1 5 1