Write complete sentences from the prompts.

1.you/like/surf the net ?
Do you like surfing the net?

2.I/love/chat to friends online

3.Monica/like/go shopping?


5.the/girls/like/listen to music ?

6.she/hate/play the guitar

7.Liam/love/hang out with friends

8.they/prefer/go to the beach/go shopping?



2. I love chatting to friends online
3. Does Monika like going shopping?
4. I prefer skateboarding to swimming.
5. Do the girls like listening to music?
6. She hates playing the guitar.
7. Liam loves hanging out with friends
8. Do they prefer going to the beach to going shopping?
5 4 5
2.I love chattingto friends online.
3.Does Monika like go shopping?
4.Iprefer skateboard swimming.
5.do The girls like listening to music?
6.She hates playing the guitar.
7.Liam loves hanging out withfriends.
8.Do they prefer going to the beach going schopping?
7 3 7