Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Many people go to work by car. This is conventient and general form of transport, however it has disadventages too.
One major advenatage is convenience, you must not travel in crush. A further adventage is copablity to transporting of heary thing in trunk, for exampel you can make big shopping from work returning. Finally, you must not hurry on bus or tran that causes that you are independent.
Althoug going to work by car is convenient, it does some dosadventages. For instance walk or rading are healthiest and it anfluance of your good fitness. Last but not lest, inevitable is stayd in traffic jam, as a resultat you mase a lot time. What is more riding car be sometimes dangerous because an acciedent hapened when you are in a hurry.
Taking everything into account I think that it is not worth going to work by car. This way, you can sav money, time and first of all healthy.