The film "The Pianist" is a fictionalized biography of the great music - Wladyslaw Szpilman, who, being a Jew, survived the hell of World War II. His story is so close to us that the film took place in Warsaw, and most of the problems is related to the history of our country.
"The Pianist" tells the true story of human life in the ghetto when the Germans entered the Polish territories of the least peaceful intentions.
The main character - Wladyslaw Szpilman is a great musician. Resettlement of Jews in the 403 hectare area, surrounded by a wall, and Pin, interrupted his well-promising career. Szpilman was lucky that he survived, because his entire family were deported to the Treblinka death camp, and 500.000 few Jews survived the Holocaust. The survival of the main hero helped good Poles and a German officer who helped him to survive by providing food.
The film shows the cruelty of the Germans toward the Jews, who were deprived of life without scruples, sometimes even laughing.
The film was appreciated not only by me - until he received 3 Academy Award - the Oscars. One of them fell for the direction of Roman Polanski, the second scenario, and the last to Adrien Brody for the leading male role. I am very pleased that our, Polish film director, was so highly honored for his work, but I have doubts about the actor playing Wladyslaw Szpilman, not particularly because I liked in this role, I think that his game was a bit "artificial".
However, as regards the film, this scene hit me the most murders of Jews. Transferee was also tired of constant returning Szpilman hiding in the ghetto from which they were only the ruins of houses and human bodies. Whole, how realistic scene, provoked anger in me, and also sadness over the human intolerance and the desire to dominate. It occurred to me that itself could be a Jew, hiding in the basement and fight for their lives. "The Pianist" also aroused in me good feelings - I realized how important it is in the life of passion and love for something - for Spielman was the music. It allowed him to earn a living, but also to overcome loneliness and fear.
According to me, 'The Pianist' is a film that really worth seeing, if only to realize how big the problem is racism and religious intolerance.
This film should help us not only to move into a world where people are dying for someone's pride and desire for power, but also understand how great happiness is peace.