Lions are mammals. They hale babies and feed them on milk. Lions but they live on the hot plains of Africa. They can hunt at night. They have four legs. they got whiskers, fur, paws, till. They weigh from 110 to 250 kilos.
Lions are very intelligent animals. They don’t like peoples. Lions live in plains in Africa. They live small groups and they eat zebras and other animals. They live about 12 to 14 years.

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White stork: 100 cm of the length and 200 cm are reaching wingspans. The female is a little bit smaller than the male. Plumage both of sex identical: the head, the torso and the belly white, national lotteries of wings black, the beak and red legs. On lowland humid areas, with groups of trees and the not very high herbaceous flora, often in the vicinity deposit is appearing human. He is feeding on small invertebrates, amphibians, small reptiles, fish and small rodents.
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Osiąga 100 cm długości i 200 cm rozpiętości skrzydeł. Samica jest nieco mniejsza od samca. Upierzenie obu płci jednakowe: głowa, tułów i brzuch białe, lotki skrzydeł czarne, dziób i nogi czerwone. Występuje na nizinnych terenach wilgotnych, z grupami drzew i niezbyt wysoką roślinnością zielną, często w pobliżu osad ludzkich. Odżywia się drobnymi bezkręgowcami, płazami, małymi gadami, rybami oraz drobnymi gryzoniami.
Cheetah took a stand on afternoon (south) ( ) formerly Acinonyx jubatus, midnight (north) and west of africa, in midday (southern) asia, on afternoon of (south of) india and close east. They are met in mountains of (top of) northern iran today rarely and along border with turkmenistan. African cheetahs are threatened also. It is over 10 00 a few, from south-west african parks beginning (begin), on eastern (eastern) finishing. One cheetah falls to in national park on 13 nairobi km2. In tanzanian park Serengetti cover one - on 320 - km2. Cheetahs inhabit dry savanna, sometimes tree porośnięte. Rains fall relatively seldom here, it falls from 50 for 100 a year mm3. It searches cheetah on savanna food. It competes as lions with such hunter mięsożernymi, panthers, szakale and likaony. It is most fast on luck among cats. It is planes < equal > high as levs (lions), but twice easiest (easiest). Has small head, umięśnione and slender body catches , it cover black and round cętkami, which (who) forcefully hide him (it) in savanna. Long has Łapy and strong. Claws, they are not sheltered which (who) how (as) at other, it clings basis during chase behind acquisition. It can be turned in full run, because covered pillows enable topping trenches it (him) przyczepność. Backbone is flexible and at the same time sound. Greyhound catches so as, has advanced lungs very well < goods (right) > and not try (look) widely opening nasal rozwarte, which (who) help to breathe it (him) during run properly. Cheetah situates donation (victim) behind assistance of sight faster, than, smell. It attacks greatest animals seldom, as kudu, zebry or antelope nigalu. Weak has far too < market > uzębienie. Hunt gazelles will impala and other antelope. It pursues behind hares, rodents and birds. When acquisition will discover only, it adheres to land (earth). Then, < sweat > tank, slowly approximating. All cats move to directions for so as opposite blowing wind then, does not feel he (its; his; it) smell - animal. Suddenly < snap > it is broken and acquisition catches in run. Animal will dirty on land (earth) one impact łapy, then it catches for fauces and it strangles. Cheetah drags (tighten) acquisition on most often to secluded place. Everything female looks like small. They are short cheetah Kły and narrow, they make impossible that biting of big bone it (him). It will eat 2,8 kg of meat near a day, it drinks seldom very on four - case (together; time), but sometimes eight days even. Cheetah is fairest hunter of gazelle. Fine sprinter is able to achieve speed within several seconds for 72 km /h, but in culminating point (culmination) for 115 km .h but it is not far too < market > reliable. For (after) 300, it must stop 400 meters (subway), in order to align breath. He (it) reserve of (stand-by of) energy have petered out . If gazelle will run away it (him), it not try (look) pursue . Four are topped on such ten attempts (tests; probations) progress only. Cheetah draws up back limbs during run under stomach, backbone arches, then, < sweat > violently rozpręża and it throws out front limbs before . Contact loses by moment with land (earth). It lands on front łapach, drawing up back and whole cycle of run is started again. It is able to jump on height of three meter, but it are not known (are not been able) to ascend. Female of cheetah lives solitary or with offspring. Males (females) roam small groups, from two for four persons. There are brothers often, but it happens , that they accept presence of other male. Guidebook (guide) stands at the head of group, which (who) continuously must be alert. It leads group and it decide about choice of (election of) game on hunting. They roam in tanzanian park to trail female cheetah too Serengetti gnu, that signifies borders of fields hundred meters measuring area 800 .km male. Trails of urine and it leaves on trees odchodów, zaroślach, rocks and small pagórkach. It is inverted for tree rear and tail takes away. Several times singing (trunk) opryskuje, claws can track on bark also, then it manages to farthest way. When other group of cheetah will appear in this place later, strong smell of urine will feel. By 2 in stillness with opened muzzles - 3 second zastygają, smell absorbing, sometimes singing (trunk) tree liżąc or rock. This way, they inform about foreign route of cheetah and about it, when it proceeded. Roams decide redirect, in order to escape meeting. It comes due to such behavior for battles between cheetahs seldom, even, if they get (reach) areas on it . They are cautious and they come down from way also other predators. Does not have definite season at cheetahs godów. Female spatters in (to) urine rui and fuka. Males (females) run up and they hurry for her (it), calling. Female catches , with brought up (come up) tail, it circulates from male for male. Rivals conflict (combat) sometimes, even inexorable very. They accept position sitting, they are bitten and they beat front łapami. Female lies and it observes all ago. At last one of male hunts down (run up) her (it), squeezes regions of genital organs liże, it bites zaczepnie, it plays , till it will not be laid female on land (earth). It catches her (it) for pacification for nape of the neck. Female takes away back part of body, but male weigh down on her (it) usadawia. It squeezes front female łapami łopatki, but it holds back skin of nape of the neck teeth (cogs). Copulation lasts not any longer than minute. When male recedes , immediately blow receives to head łapą. Some (certain) time rolls on back female, then it stands up. Does not have female of cheetah constant (solid) hideaway. It weigh down after three months, in (to) zaroślach, it comes on world 1 - 6 small, which (who) weigh 250 grams. Grey foretop grows for (after) ten days memorial < they (their) >, which (who) dies out after three months. Mother leaves on hunting, offspring eats without custody (protection) leaving. Two of small three cheetahs will fall donation (victim) lvov (lion) wałęsających, hyenas or szakali, although female transmits (reschedule) it (them) to other place daily almost < law (as of right) >. Small cheetahs like fun. They are pursued , they pull and they cling one second (other), they roll after land (earth). Different screech (squeaks) issue at it and sounds - reminiscent < remind (remember; remember) > poświstywanie. Month are fed after termination one and a half meat, but they learn to hunt for (after) six at mother months. Female flies during hunting on small pomrukuje, in order to they kept off from she (it). When acquisition has already and it wants to invoke it (them), poświstuje. Of a year and a half cheetahs leave mother in search of personal territory. They achieve ability of reproduction after termination of sixteenth month of life. With screwed up eyes, cheetahs have custom each other head lizać, nape of the neck, łopatki. This way, affection (sentiments; emotions) express. But in group sometimes at food - particularly nerve take place - and aggressive. If one cheetah will approach for second (other), which (who) eats exactly, it warczy or it peers with threat. Newcomer must recede. If it will not resign, blow can receive about very sharp claws łapą. Driven cheetah recedes , on rival surreptitiously throwing (dart) eye. When two groups will enter to way , marszczą policzki and muzzles open. White they are distinguished from gums distinctly kły and black languages. Then, really, they look imminently. In general it suffices (enough) it. Never they conflict (combat) almost < law (as of right) >. Three catched thousand lat (summer; year) before our era cheetahs Sumerowie, in order to take advantage it (them) for polowań. According to old story, mongolian ruler cultivated thousand art in summer (years old) palace near (about) Kulaj Khan. Hood set up (found) in time of hunting on head cheetah and it take off (take down) in moment, when gazelle appeared . Animal sighted donation (victim), it darted on her (it), it pressed down for land (earth), for fauces holding back and it waited for coming on hunter. Cheetah has eaten entrails of hunted acquisitions to award. This tradition flies long przetrwałą. Russian princes organized with cheetahs hunting, arab, hindu, syrian. However, cheetahs sicken in captivity often and they reproduced very seldom. They can on freedom life at ease only. It hunt it (him) for beautiful (fine) skins. Become (stay) in india in 1952 year entirely wytępione