Witam. Mam taką sprawę. Jutro poprawiam 1 półrocze i w ramach tego muszę przygotowac nauczycielowi dialog na temat: Zameldowałeś się w motelu. Zapytaj się obsługi, kiedy mozesz odebrać paszport o której godzinie podają śniadanie oraz co można zjeść u nich wieczorem. proszę o pomoc o ułożenie takiego dialogu



-Good Morning.
-Good Morning.
- I have a reservation for two rooms. My name is...
-Oh yes. Can I ask for your passport, please?
-Here you are. Can I take my passport back?
-You can take your passport back in an hour. This is your key.
-Ok. Thanks. What time do you give brakfast?
-Usually about 8a.m.
-Ok. What I can eat to dinner?
-We have eggs, bunns, bread, butter . Evening we sometimes have some soup but you can ordersomething else.
-ok thanks
1 2 1
A: Hello! I would like to book a hotel room for one person.
B: Yes, please wait a minute... Can i see your identity card or passport?
A: Oh, Yes.
B: Hmm... Ok.For a long time?
A: No, fore one day.
B: Ok, it will be 29$.
A: Here you go.
B: Room number two, on the first floor.
A: Thank you very much. Can you tell me what time is braekfast?
B: It's at nine o'clock.
A: Oh and when i can get back my passport?
B: Ooo.. right here you are and have nice day!
A: Thank you. The same to you!

1 3 1
A- ty
b- nauczyciel
a: Good afternoon! I have question: what time's breakfast because I have to leave this place before 10.
b: Oh, that's no problem. You can call me at 8 o clock.
a: Ok, but what is your mobile phone nuber.
b: oh thats easy. You have to take our phone and click number one
a: ok, and I should tell you: I want breakfast now?
b: Yes, something like that, but plase tell me too what do you want, here is menu for breakfast.
a:ok, that's easy, but I have an other question: When I can pick up my passport, because I will be very hurry to an embassy.
b: that's no problem, but you have to leave an other document.
a: Thank you
b: ok, that's all?
a: not really, I promise, that is last question
b: No problem, I am here to help you
a: Tomorrow, my uncle will be here, and i want know. What do this motel has for the dinner?
b: Really lots of food, but I don't know now. But what do you want to eat? Does he like meat?
a: Oh... yes. He loves it, but what kind of meat do you have?
b: Wait a minute, I will take a menu and read it.
a: so...
b:black pudding, sausage, roast chicken, pork, steak.
a: Ok,enough. Really thank you! You are really helpfool
b: You' re velcome, no problem. If I might help you, just call!
a:ok, bye