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1.Willis Tower
is placed in chicago , is the highest building at world.
it was designed by chief architect Bruce Graham
Construction reached its maximum height in 1973
The Sears Tower covers two city blocks and has 101 acres of office and commerical space
Inside is the "Windy City," where the average wind speed is 16 miles per hour.
On a clear day You can see four states - Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan - from the Wills Tower

2.British Airways London Eye it's situated opposite The House of Parliamente between Waterloo and Westminister Bridge.London Eye trought nayi is been called the Millenium Wheel that is simply monitoring wheel.They are his designers David Marks, Julia Barfield, Malcolm Cook, Mark Sparrowhawk, Steven Chilton and Nick Bailey.London Eye they build specially on the occasion of the millennium.Wheel British Airways London Eye 135 metres amount to heights he has 32 airconditionet passenger capsules from which every can hold 25 people. The entire circle is socializing whit the speed the about 0,9 kilometres per hour and thanks to that isin't stopping she during gettingoff and getting in of passengers but of him full the trading lasts precisley 27 minutes bad 21-22 seconds.

3. The Eiffel Tower was built by Gustav Eiffel between 1887 and 1889 due to the world exposition. The Tower is supported on four strong pillars linked with arches, and narrows towards the
top with slender lattice construction. It has three viewpoints at the heights of 57, 115 and 274 meters. Overall height equals 324 m.yearly The Eiffel Tower attracts yearly around three millions visitors from all over the world.

4.The ancient Tower of London is on the north bank of the Thames, next to Tower Bridge. It was started by William the Conqueror who invaded Britain in 1066. He built the Tower to impress and frighten the English. It has a long cruel history.
It was once a prison for enemies of the king. People say the ghosts of the men and women who died in the Tower still walk here at night. There are many buildings here, but the most important is the White Tower, which is the oldest. Its walls are thirty metres high. There’s also a Jewel House which contains the famous Crown Jewels.