Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In Poland there are lots of wonderful places with lots of good influence on the health and the wonderful landscapes. In my opinion the best is Kudowa Zdrój.
It is a small town in the Table Mountains near German and Czech border. That place is famous for therapeutic water. There are lots of sanatoriums and hospitals where people can treat their diseases connected with for example bloodstream.
Unfortunately our health need something more, not only places where we can treat and make everything to feel better. People need some exercises too. In Kudowa Zdrój and another neighbouring villages there are trails’ start. People can climb Szczeliniec, Błędne Skały and other mountains. There are lots of cycling roads in forests too.
But it is not everything. In Kudowa Zdrój there is Toys’ Museum and in Czermna is a chaple with human’s bones and skulls. Every year in that small town has taken place Moniuszko’s festival since 1962. It is a perfect way to learn something more about Polish culture and traditions.
I think, Kudowa Zdrój is a perfect place to recover and spend nice time. This is my favourite place because only there I can forget about all my problems and take a rest.