Everyone has a hobby. Some of them are relly weird while some are down-to-earth. I collect postcards. I travel a lot and in every city I'm I buy one postcard. If the pictures of a city are relly nice, I buy two of every postcard for changing. When I came home I change doubled cards for other with my friends. My collection is getting bigger and bigger. All my family know about my hobby so if go somewhere they buy a postcard for me. When I started collecting postcards I had already a number of them. I got about 300 postcards from my grandma. She used to travel a lot. In fact she encouraged me to collect the pictures of cities.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My hobby is photography. I love to take pictures of people, because I do it best. I always take the camera. My family believes that I have talent. I think I could ever subscribe to the course of photography. I think that everybody can make beautiful pictures.

(Moim hobby jest fotografowanie. uwielbiam robić zdjęcia ludziom, ponieważ robię je najlepiej. Zawsze mam ze sobą aparat. Moja rodzina uważa, że mam talent. Myślę, że mogłabym kiedyś zapisać się na kurs fotografii. Uważam, że każdy potrafi robić piękne zdjęcia).
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My other hobby is. For instance, men and members of nature.
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