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Read again and answer the question.
1where's Spider-man from?
2.who does he live with?
3.who's his best friend?
4.how does Spider-Man get his pecial powers?
5.what con Spider-man do??
6.who is his enemy?

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Peter Parker is a quiet teenager.He lives in a small house in New yourk City with his Aunt May.Peter hasn't got many friends.His best friend is Mary Jane.One day,a spider bites Peter in a science lab.Now he's got special powers!He is strong and fast and he can climb walls,just like a spider!People love him, but he's got an enemy the evil Green Goblin.Can Spider -Man stop him?Watch this brilliant film to find out!



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1. Where's Spider-man from?
Spider-man is from New York.

2. Who does he live with?
He lives with his aunt May.

3. Who's his best friend?
His best friend is Mary Jane.

4. How does Spider-Man get his pecial powers?
Spider bites Peter abd now he has got special powers.

5. What can Spider-man do?
He can climb walls, just like a spider.

6. Who is his enemy?
His enemy is Green Goblin.
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1. The Spider Man comes from the USA, New York.
2. He lives with hist Aunt May
3. His best friend is Mary Jane
4. He was bitten by the spider in the science lab.
5. He can run very fast, climb walls and he is very strong.
6. His enemy is Green Goblin.
1. Spider-man is from New yourk City.
2. With Spider-man live his Aunt May.
3. His best friend is Mary Jane.
4. Spider-Man get special powers when spider bites his.
5. Spider - Man can climb walls.
6. His enemy is the evil Green Goblin.