My friend is really nice. She's got bron curly hair and she is very funny. She's interesed in art, stars and writing silly stories with me. I like her, because she's cool, nice, funny and very crazy! I hope she likes me too.
My friend is Ania. She fourteen years old. She is tall and slim. Ania has brown hair and blue eyes. Her favourite color is yellow and her favourite meal is pasta. Ania likes reading, playing computer games and dancing. We know very long.

Moją przyjaciółką jest Ania. Ona ma 14 lat. Jest wysoka i szczupła. Ma brązowe włosy i niebieskie oczy. Jej ulubionym kolorem jest żółty, a ulubionym jedzeniem spaghetti. Ania lubi czytać, grać w gry komputerowe oraz tańczyć. My znamy się bardzo długo.
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My friend

My friend's name is Nicholas, but I told him Micah. Is 12 years old and is seven months younger than me. Everyone delighted with his long red hair that adorned his face peppered with freckles nice. All say that the Face is an angel. Only a small, snub nose gives him a bit, scamp appearance. Her eyes are large, placed under a dark blue eyebrows. Its wide, full lips are often arranged in a smile, revealing teeth as white as snow. Slightly protruding ears, emerging from his shock of hair impart a charm especially when they are red.

My friend always goes straight like a soldier. Is low, but from afar you can see his long, thin legs. It also has long arms with soft hands, almost girlish. All of this testifies to the fact that in the future will be very high. For now, however, looks like someone on stilts.

Ps: To jest o moim przyjacielu