Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In the holidays with my brother was at the colony in Zakopane. I was there half the week. Spent the night in the highland houses. Spent days to ski and I did billows of snow. Together with my group were playing in a variety of fun in the snow. It was cool! Every night was a bonfire and sausages. During the outbreak of highland sang songs.
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In the holiday I traveled to the Austria with my parents. I was one week in Austria. I skied very well.Every evening we watched TV . I met Carola , french stiudient. She has got 20 years old , but we played very funny. We spent time to buy clothes. Then , I came to home , because I broke my right hand !! This cost me to much healt. Later Carola called me and now we are the best friends! It was very great !!
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