I'm going to visit my grandma on Staurday
I'm going to fix my car tomorrow
I'm going to cook dinner
I'm going to go to the cinema with my friends on Friday

I will be a doctor
I will have a lot of money
I will have famous husband
I will win lottery
8 4 8
My plans ( going to )
1 Today I'm going to go to a cinema.
2 For 5 minutes I'm going to go to my grandma.
3 I'm going to go for a dinner.
4 Today about 8 o'clock I'm going to go to a disco.

My predictions ( will)
1 Tommorow propably I'll do my homework.
2 For 1 month will arrive my aunt.
3 I'll lend you some money.
4 I'll be help you in your homework.
6 3 6
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My plans ( going to )
1.I'm going to wash my car tomorrow.
2.I'm going to see you next weekend.
3.I'm going to eat no meat by next month.
4.I'm going to do it instead of you.

My predictions ( will)
1.I will be better in it than you.
2.I will make my decision.
3.I will work for ever.
4.I will be there at the end of the day.
189 4 189