Potrzebuję tak zwaną spooky story czyli straszną historię
- 100 wyrazów
- 3 correct past perfect sentences
- 5 correct past progressiv sentences
- 3 time frazes (różne)
- 2 result - conseguance
- 1 cause - reason
- 5 wyrazów z -ed, i 5 z -ing. (chodzi mi o czas przeszły)



Nie do końca wiem, czy o takie coś Ci chodziło.

Five years ago my parents bought a haunted house In German. Last night while I sitting on a bed, I saw four ghosts!
First, I saw a woman. She wore a jeans and a t-shirt. She was very sad! She was sitting on a bed too! Then I saw a child. Child was standing near the wardrobe. It was smiling. Then I saw next ghost! He was beautiful! He was sitting next to the woman. He was looking to the window. He was very sad too. And next ghost! A! It was next child, but it was a boy. He was standing near the girl. And he was happy too. It was stupid! Parents were sad, and Childs were happy..? That was crazy! I spoke to them, I ask some question to them, but they didn’t speak to me.. They didn’t answer me... I think… Oh! They disappeared!
When I saw the ghost, I wasn’t frightened.
The next two day, I was reading some stories about the ghosts on the library. Many years ago, a family lived in our house. When the parents died, their son stayed in the house with his uncle. When he died, the parents looking for him. And now, I know that they looking for… But why, they didn’t see their son near the girl?

Pięć lat temu moi rodzice kupili nawiedzony dom w niemczech. Ostatniej nocy gdy siedziałam na łóżku, zobaczyłam duchy!
Pierwszą, zobaczyłam kobietę. Była ubrana w jeansy i t-shirt. Była bardzo smutna! Siedziała na łóżku! Potem zobaczyłam dziecko. Stało ono przy szafie. Uśmiechało się. I następny duch! Był piękny! Siedział obok kobiety. Patrzył w okno/przez okno. Również był bardzo smutny. I następny duch! A! Było to następne dziecko, ale był to chłopczyk. Stał przy dziewczynce. Był także szczęśliwy. To głupie! Rodzice byli smutni, a dzieci szczęśliwe..? To było szalone/dziwne. Mówiłam do nich, zadawałam im pytania, ale oni nie mówili nic do mnie, nie odpowiedzieli mi… myślę… Oh! Oni zniknęli!
Kiedy widziałam te duchy, nie bałam się/nie byłam przestraszona.
Następne dwa dni, dużo czytałam podobnych historii o duchach w bibliotece. Kilkanaście lat temu, jakaś rodzina żyła w tym domu. Kiedy rodzice zmarli, ich syn został w tym domu z wujkiem. Kiedy zaś zmarł syn, rodzice zaczęli go szukać. A teraz, wiem czego tu szukają… Ale dlaczego oni nie widzą ich syna przy dziewczynce?
2 5 2
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Old graves in the woods ...

Story really happened ... This happened to some years, two girls Cate and Sindy went two weeks over the lake which was located near the big woods. Their house was right on the edge. High, skimming the trees could be seen from almost every window. The girls were happy with the trip, sun water, the green that was what he really liked. At the beginning, it was not too interesting, unpacking find good places to sunbathing and splashing in the water took a long time, but after a while, Cate and Sindy are bardo pleased with this that they are in such a beautiful place. Days flowed very quickly to any of them do not even come to mind where they live and what they will soon meet. None of them did not believe in supernatural matters, and stories about ghosts and all things unexplained śmieszyły it only one day in the evening the whole family decided to light a campfire, as most adults were already a little drunk after kindling sent the girl. Cate and Sindy are not too happy with this late in the evening that they must climb into the forest, where he was full of mosquitoes, and his imagination did a few times because she who retreating allegedly, something she saw in the distance. The farther they went the less I saw it was getting darker. Sindy began to worry and wanted to go back but did not have a single piece of wood. But Cate colleague strongly urged to go further, because they have to find wood. Different strands of the outbreak. Sindy increasingly terrified went step by step for a friend of increasingly anxious Cate suddenly heard a voice in the distance, but Sindy just laughed and asked the colleague to joke stopped because it is not funny and increasingly assertive voice, even ordered a colleague to come back, but suddenly stumbled about a stone and landed right near the stone table, when raised her eyes from the ground, her eyes appeared tombstone. Instinctively read the inscription: Here lies Kathr .. (the rest blurred) who stab her alone let him be accursed Cate did not even noticed that it is turned the Sindy, Sindy but girlfriend cried, saying, You better get here collapsible, so Cate: What? spirit you saw? Cate did not even realize that with the LAW, but turned back and read the same words ... Frightened, suddenly heard a sharp sound of the wind, all the garbage and leaves zakręciły for land, a bare 6 tombstones, Sindy Cate began to flee but stopped it by arguing that the tombs of her will do nothing, they began to read ... the next tombstones were already full names Smither, Smither, Smither .... All the tombs of this same date of death and the grave of a larger Gracy Smither. It was a whole family, everywhere the same words ... Who let him be accursed stick ... Let him be accursed ... Girls read aloud, trembling, the wind again, seemed to them that they hear voices ... Began to flee did not have trouble finding his way back home, they lost interest in the fire, went to bed terrified. On the second day already ochłonęły. Began to circulate around the area and ask the locals for gravestones, most people there do not know or did not want to say. But after several hours searching for information zapukały to an old house, cobwebs hung everywhere thought that the house is deserted, but, to their surprise, opened with a nice old lady with a smile. When the girl asked for the gravestones invited them inside for tea. After a moment's hesitation agreed. old woman told them that once lived here many children a family. Mother, father and four children. My father was a very quiet man, there were no indications that one day i come back from work .... Slew all ... Children slaughtered with a knife and a wife .. When the old man began to talk about his wife's tears flowed, it probably very przeżyła.Sam hanged himself. The girls came out and thanked. This was the day of departure. When Cate and Sindy was already in the car wanted to say goodbye to the old woman. Zapukały approached the door, nobody opened their eyes, but the badge appeared on the door of Grace Smither, "Who was the old lady who talked with them? .... Maybe she wanted someone to know the mystery of the death of the family? He did not know.
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