My last summer holiday
I spend my last summer holiday at home. I have wonderfull holiday, because I spend they with my parents, grandparents and my two dog. Every day, when I eat breakfast I go for walk witch my dogs. Next I watch tv or listen music. At 13 o'clock I help my mum in the garden. We have a big garden with colourfull flowers, vegetables and fruit. Then, I and my sister( or brother, uncle itp.) go a swimming.We love swiming. Often, at 5 o'clock I meet my friends and we play volleyball. In the evenings I like read books. Always at 8 o'clock I watch with my parents our favourite film. Always, on Sunday afternoon I ride a bike with mum. Then we go shopping to city centre. We buy vegetables, fruit to healthy sunday's dinner. The last summer holiday is the most wonderfull on my life.
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