Mountain Church of Our Savior's Church commonly known as Wang, or Wang Temple - Protestant parish church in Karpacz in the Giant Mountains, moved in 1842 from the town of Vang, lying on the lake of the same name in Norway.

The church was built of pine logs in the town of Vang in southern Norway. Comes the turn of the twelfth and thirteenth century was established as one of the dozens of Norwegian stave churches (słupowych) - stave. Is considered the oldest wooden church in Poland.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The construction of the church is made without any nails, all the connections realized with the aid of wooden carpentry joints.
The church's interior is decorated with original ornaments and sculptures.A lump in the building maintenance work, according to nineteenth-century trends in conservation, has significantly upgraded. Was added a high stone bell tower that protects the wooden temple of the wind above the Snow White

28July , 1844, Wang became a temple of the local parish church and the Protestant still. Karpacz is a tourist attraction.
Visited it over two hundred thousand tourists