Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Powerful earthquake about power in scale 7 degrees Richtera, which (who) epicenter was placed from capital only 16 kilometers haiti, on depth 30 km, have not have not sustained on streets inhabitant city wygnało. They have succeeded very fastly before < he (its; his; it) > < it > two shakes about power 5,9 and 5,5 degree. They have not have not sustained hundred of buildings shake, but people (people) are buried in (to) their ruins. Relatives desperately , often naked hands, from under wounded (morning) rubbles wygrzebują and killed. Deepened chaos covering up sky cloud smoke (smoke) and from abolished buildings dust. Persons can be placed under rubbles of great hotels in (to) near 200 port-au-prince, which (who) has been blocked in tuesday's earthquake on haiti. French secretary of state (condition) for affairs cooperation from earthquake amateur photo Alain Joyandet. Cloud is over after blocking in ruins port-au-prince buildings ( ) center capital port-au-prince pytłu APTN. Probably, < credible > there hundred of donations (victims) are. Districts of poors are in ruins not only, and also biggest buildings offices, hotels and stores. Rates date in media from local employee of (staff of) humanitarian organization mainly. There is in (to) dark - whole city, thousand people sit on streets and do not have where (how far) go. I think that saying about hundred of donations (victims), this serious allusion it has said in night from tuesday on wednesday of agency of reuter from charitable organization - Rachmani Domersant Food for the Poor.

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