Zadanie 1
Write the sentences. Use adverbs.
Napisz zdania. Użyj przysłówków.
PRZYKŁAD: 1. She's quiet singer.
She sings quietly.

2.He's careful writer.
3.Mark's a good player
4.Mary's a fast runner
5.She's brilliant teacher
6.Martin's a fast worker

Zadanie 2
Complete the story with the correct form of the past simple
Kompletna historia z poprawną formę past simple

I (study)....Spanish when I (be) school. Last year I (go) Spain for my holiday. On our first day, we (walk)...through Madrid for an hour or two, then we (stop) a little cafe. I (not want) order the food in English, so I (order) Spanish. I (ask)...for a tea, a caffe, and a milk shake. But the tea, coffe and milk shake (not arrive)... . What (arrive)...? Two cheese sandwiches and an ice cream! My friends (laugh)... .

Zadanie 3.
Napisz rozmowę w poprawnej kolejności.

a)Minertal water,plaease
b)Certainly. A hot and Spicy pizza, Any extra toppings?
c)Are you ready to order?
d)Mushrooms and olives. What would you like to drink?
e)Yes, I am. Can I have a hot and Spicy pizza, please?
f)Yes, I'd like mushrooms and olives, please.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I was studied Spanis wen i was at school .lat year i went to Spani for my holiday .On our first daw.we walked throught Madrid for an hour or two ,then we stoped at a little cafe.I didn't want to order the food in English,so I ordered in Spanish.I asked for a tee a cafe and a milk shake.ut the tea,coffe and milk shake didn't arrive.What arivved ?Two cheese sandwiches and an ice cream! My friends laugheted