Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi .........,
This place is really beautiful. I'm on the trip in Zakopane. The weather is great. It's snowy and sunny. Yesterday were we all day skiing. I'm not really good, but I make progress. I met many new people. They are really nice. I will tell you everything when I came back.
See you
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I had a great summertime. At the beginning of this holiday I visited my grandmother. She is very nice person and she lives in the countryside

I was bored sometimes because I did not take my computer so I played football with my friends. They live there and I can see them only when we visit our lovely grandmother. I and my family were there almost two weeks. In the evening I watched football mathes with my father. Next, I was in Germany Belgium and Holland . My father took me with him because he delivers supplies. I visited many cities like Berlin Arnhem and Edinhoven. In August I had my free time . Everyday I played football. This is my favourite sport. The weather usually was bad and sometimes it was raining and storming. My brother and I often went to swimming pool because practising sports is good for your health.

My summertime was fantastic and I regret that it is over now. I will have great memories of this holiday that has ended.

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