Imagine you are a gold digger and find a very big piec of gold. What are you going to do with it? Write your diary for that day. TŁUMACZENIE :
Wyobraź sobie, że Gold Digger i znaleźć bardzo duży piec złota. Co zamierzasz z tym zrobić? Napisz pamiętnik na ten dzień.

Ma to być w czasie Past Simple. Już napisałam ale nie wiem czy dobrze. Proszę o sprawdzenie i pokazanie błędów :

9th July 2009 year - Los Angeles
One synny day, I went trought the woods and into the rock saw the gold ingot. Found gold I took back home and there I decided to look at gold. A few hours later my mom come and asked we what it is. I told her that the gold found in the woods and I do not know what to do with it. She advised me that I went to my uncle who is a goldsmith. I thought it a good made big eyes and asked where I got gold. I told him the story.He told me that I left them, and for several years, it will have more value. Listened to my uncle and I took home gold. My mother too wasdelighted with this news. For several years I got a gold for 1.000.000 Euro. Together with his my mother and we lived happy ever after in Los Angeles .

Z góry dziękuję ;))



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Sunny a nie synny jak cos
throught a nie trought
ja bym to napisal inaczej

one sunny day, I make a fire in my fireplace. When I opened it I saw then the all fireplace is made with gold. I was in shock. I took this gold and I went to the bazar. I changed gold on money and I bought a new car Porshe Carrera 911 xD. The next I bought a new house with the basen which was in the Madagaskar. I had got a very much money. I don't known what I could did whith them. I decidied to buy action in the firm PKO SA and I built a new aquapark in the Poland. It was the most aquapark in Poland I was very happy.

PS nie wiem czy nie ma bledow ale powinno byc cool xD
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