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*Where are you ? ( Warszawa )
*Who are you with? ( z przyjaciółką)
* What is the food and the weather like ? ( jedzenie świetne a pogoda - ciepło i słonecznie , a w poniedziałek padał deszcz )
*What did you see yesterday? ( pałac kiltury itp. zabytki waw-y ; D )
What did you like and dislike.? ( obojętnie co tuttaj może być )
Prosze o pomoc. ; )



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Kate!

I'm in Warsaw with my friend Jane. We have very good time in this city. Food is great - we eat in nice restaurant, which is cheap, but beautiful and serves good dishes. It's warm and sunny, only on Monday, there was a little rain. Yesterday we saw Palace of Culture and Science and we had a walk along defensive walls of this city. In Warsaw public transport is very good - we have no problems with getting wherever we want - we can use subway, buses or trams. Unfortunately the city is very busy and dirty, however we enjoy being here.

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1.J am in Warsaw.
2.J am with my friend.
3.Food is very good. Weather is hot and sunny , but on Monday was rainy.
4.J saw a lot of monuments yesterday.
J liked centrum of the city and disliked dirt
Hi,i'm in Warsaw with my friends Ana.The food is delicious and the weather is beutifulll!!It's warm and sunny,but on Monday was rain.
Yesterday I was in castle and I saw palace of culture and different interesting place.i like Lazienki,but I don't like people.
See you!ania