The Old House By The Sea

I’ll always remember the day I visited the old house by the sea.
I went there with my friend Jane. We had been planning this trip for ages. Jane’s grandmother was living in that house many years ago, but none was living there ever since.
We were walking on the beach when we saw a big house on the rock. All parts of it looked scary. The house was wooden and dark. Its shutters were closed, but one of them was opened. We decided to go in and have a look around.
I had pushed a door-knob and I opened the door. The ray of the day light fell into the middle of the house. I had put a first step gently but the few following without any fear. I found myself in a big room. I thought, that was the living room. There were many nice but unfortunately dusty paintings on the walls.
A giant table with a candle on it stood in the middle of the room. I had come to the table and lighted the candle….
While I was in the living room, Jane disappeared. I come back to the front door and I looked from behind a door-frame. There wasn’t anybody.
Suddenly I had heard some steps upstairs and I became frightened.
I had been standing and listening intently… but the sounds of steps didn’t repeat.
It relieved my fear. I had come to the stairs and started to go up.
- Jane, is it you? – I had shouted, but none replied. I became frightened again but I didn’t stop going up.
- I’m alone here, I’m alone… - I thought, but suddenly the door of a wardrobe creaked. I had moved few steps further and I came into the room where the
sounds had been reaching from. I saw only the huge wardrobe and a bed. A pillow and a quilt were lying on the bed.
The door of a wardrobe was opened… I had looked inside and suddenly I saw a big, white ghost! He was spooky and scary! I tried to shout for help but it had been first… It had put his hand on my neck and grasped so I couldn’t wring anything from myself! I was still alive but I was barely breathing. I felt that I would immediately lose consciousness… His hug was so strong. My eyes closed… I fell down on the floor and I didn’t get up.