Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
All professions are important. Everyone can no make Alas one's dream profession. Every profession demands suitable qualifications, the involvement and the predisposition.
I dreamt of the work as the guide of trips from a child since I have always been interested in geography. I think that it is very much interesting profession. It is possible to tour entire world around. I like to get to know new people, their customs and completely foreign countries. Such travels are deepening our knowledge about the foreign culture and people. I am learning foreign languages diligently at present: German and English, since certainly it will help me with my profession. I see a lot of brochures, catalogues through I am reading books connected with foreign countries as well as I like to travel.
I should as the guide have big lingual skills and meet such requirements as: communications abilities, strength of convincing, the skill of cleaning the information up and introducing curious about them, the readiness for science, the diversity of interests (the music, the culture, sport), the self-reliance, the creativity, the ability of the improvisation, capturing in the difficult situation, the skill of fast taking the decision. The good guide of trips should have the big knowledge about foreign countries. I am regarding this too attractive profession, also on account of earnings. It is important because the work should give zarówno many pleasures as well as to assure worth holding. I would like in the future to become the good guide of trips.
chyba dobrze;))