Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
At the beginning of the book "Family Polanyetskis" get to know the main character - Pan Stanislav Stanislaw, a bachelor, who grew up on this, to decide on marriage. Looking so earnestly Polanyetski you to create the title with her family. It is such a contemporary writer Kmita. Is his strength of character, his spontaneity and openness. This is a man with whom one would like to spend the rest of his life. But who will spend this life with him?

After more than a hundred pages of the book I began to wonder about what exactly it is. The Teutonic Knights of the Teutonic Knights were, after all, "Mr. Michael" Lord of the Pan Michael, and the "Deluge" of the Swedish deluge. However, in the "Family Polanyetskis" still lacked a family. My friend rushed up to the idea that since it is the least "sienkiewiczowska" novel in the writer's achievements, it may be the clue to go and expect a novel about a perverse title that promises something that never come to fruition.

As it turned out, however, further, this is not the otherness of this book. When you finally appears Polanyetski, changing the whole nature of the book. The simple story of love and looking for a Cavalier, a group of his friends who wish him good will zeswatać with a lovely young lady, becomes a study of human emotions. Shows different degrees of love, from the trivial, which derive their source of self-esteem and cultural order, to those deep, infinitely strong feelings that cause affection and praise the other person, almost bordering on reverence to God handed.

Which of these feelings inherit the title character and how it will evolve throughout the history? And what role to play in his life theme of betrayal, which is also strongly emphasized in the "Family Polanyetskis?

This book belongs to the canon of Polish classics, reading is of itself worthy of command, but still hard as Sienkiewicz. None of the typical lightness present in his other novels. Perhaps because of the subject matter of manners, which so significantly different from the historical "adventure" characteristic of Sienkiewicz.