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1.the is jacket doing what the in man black?
2.hand his mobile right phone is a in he holding?
3. moment having the break are actors coffe the at their
4 cat Sue by her playing relaxes with
5.my looking to friend I forward seeing again am




1. What is doing the man in the black jacket?
2.Is he holding his mobile phone in a hand?
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1.What is the man in black jacket doin?
2.Is he holding his mobile phone in a right hand?
3.The actors are having break their coffe at the moment.
4 Sue playing by relaxes with her cat.
5.I am again seeing my friend looking to forward.
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1.What is the man in the black jacket doing?
2.Is he holding a mobile phone in his right hand?
3. The actors are having their coffe break at the moment.
4. Sue relaxes by playing with her cat.
5. I am looking forward to seeing my friend again.
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