Wyobraź sobie, że wygrałeś dużą sumę pieniędzy i planujesz podróż. Odpowiedz na pytania:
•wchere are you going? Why did you choose that place?
•who is going witch you, or are you goin alone?
•what are you going to pack?
•what would you like to see and do?
•how long are you going to be away from home?
•do you think you will really go on this trip one day? why? why hat?
I'm going to....................... I hose it because............

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1. im going to germany. I chose this place because i love it.
2. im going alone.
3. im going to pack my camera, clothes and cosmetics.
4. i'd like to visit Berlin and see all the monuments there.
5. im going to spend there 2 weeks.
6. I think i'll go on this trip soon, because Germany is not far away.

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I'm going to London because its beautifull place. I'm going with my girl/boyfriend and her sister. I will take to this trip only camera and money. I want see Big Ben and Tower of London. We will be in London five maybe six days. I choose London because we never see England so this is best time to do this.

Moga byc male bledy ale raczej nie ma :P

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