Proste zadanie, dużo pkt!!
Proszę o przykładowe treści dialogów zamieszczonych w załączniku.
Wystarczy po jednym zdaniu angielskim do danego podpunktu.
Jeśli nie potrafisz dobrze angielskiego to nawet się za to nie bierz bo zgłaszam błędną!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Zestaw V


- I’m looking for a place to stay, just for one night, something not too expensive.
- I’m a student from Poland, are there any discounts for students?
- Can I walk to the hostel or should I take a bus?

- Last summer I was in Tunisia in Sousse . It was great, I was there with my friends. The weather was always good, always sunny and hot. We flew there from Poland and stayed for one week. We stayed in a 4-star hotel with a wonderful sea view. We spent a lot of time on the beach but we also saw many interesting places. I will never forget azure colour of the sea.

- In my opinion our gift not necessarily has to be practical one.
- I think that it should be something funny and not too big.
- We don’t have to buy a present. We can give him a handmade gift.



- I’m interested English conversation classes. Is it still possible to sign up for such classes and join the group?
- How much is the course and how many hours per week will I have?
- Will I get any certificate confirming my attendance in this course?

- Last summer I spent in the mountains in Poland. One day it was very sunny so me and my boyfriend decided to hike. When we were walking and the altitude changed suddenly the sky became dark and the storm started. We didn’t have any place to hide in. I was afraid of lightning stroke so I turned off my mobile phone. Fortunately the storm didn’t last that long and nothing bad happened to us.

- I’m afraid that I won’t enjoy that film because it’s a thriller and I hate watching them.
- I’ll check what’s on at different cinemas in the newspaper.
- If I don’t find anything interesting, we’ll go bowling.