Proste zadanie, dużo pkt!!
Proszę o przykładowe treści dialogów zamieszczonych w załączniku.
Wystarczy po jednym zdaniu angielskim do danego podpunktu.
Jeśli nie potrafisz dobrze angielskiego to nawet się za to nie bierz bo zgłaszam błędną!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Zestaw I


-I have a question: What places are worth seeing in Oxford?
- And is it possible to go for a tour with a guide?
- How can I get to the nearest tourist information?

When I was going home a car accident happened. It was next to supermarket. One driver was reversing his car and he did not notice the woman coming and they crashed. They got off and started screaming at each other. Luckily there weren’t any serious damages to both cars. Then the police came and I walked away.


-How about karaoke competition?
- Oh, come on. A play is not a good idea we’re supposed to have fun and what is more we don’t have enough time to memorize the parts.
- So let’s choose a group of people which will decide what the best idea to celebrate the course ending is.

Zestaw III

- You’ve got shivers, runny nose, sore throat and high temperature. I think you’ve come down with flu.
- Would you like me to call the doctor for you?
- Do you want to call and inform your parents?

- I was buying a newspaper and my backpack was on the floor, then my phone rang and I picked up. While I was talking someone took my backpack and ran away. When I realized that my backpack is gone I was shocked and I decided to ask for your help.
- Would you like to meet with me so we could go somewhere?
- Eating out sounds great!
- Let’s meet in the city center at 7 p.m. sharp.