Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Elephant is big .
Giraffe has got long neck .
Mouse is small .
Crocodile is dangerous animal .
Leopard is fast animal .

Mouse is faster than snail .
Tortoise is slower than monkey .
Skydiving is more exciting than collect stamps .
Mouse is more interesting than spider .
Mathe is easier than History .

cheetah is he faster animal on the world .
Crocodile is the most dangerous animal in the world .
Snail is the slower animal in the world .
Cat is the most beautiful animal .
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W stopniu równym :
A dog is big.
A cat is small.
English is easy.
Maths is difficult.
Feel is famous.

w stopniu wyższym :
Karolina is shorter than Paulina.
Book is smaller than school bag.
Marka's car is slower than Krystian's car.
Maths is more difficult than English.
A sofa is more comfortable than a chair.

w stopniu najwyższym:
Mezo is the most famous pop star in my country.
Wiola is the tallest girl in my class.
My sister is the best dancer.
My brother is the fastest boy.
Hehe w stopniu wyższym jest zdanie o Paulinie i Karolinie a ja mam na imię Paulina a na drugie Karolina ;)
This dog is small
My cat is sweet
My bike is big
Our books are borings
This woman is beatiful

Alice is lower than Tomek
This dog is bigger than mouse
Our books are smaller than this cat
Jullie is higher than Mickey
This dog is smaller than cat

This book is the best
Julie is smartest.
Bary is the most beatiful
Kate is most hungry
Julie is most funny
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