Napisz o swoim weekendzie jak ci minoł
Oh dear
Oh no
Oh well
Poor you
What a disaster
Uzupełnij; go have meet rent write
2He.........some friends in town
3He........ dinner a cafe
4 He....... an e-meil
5 He........a Dvd



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I was very busy this weekend! On Saturday my best friend had birthday and I wanted to make him a suprise party with our friends. We had to do a lots, but finally, we were having a really great time! On Sunday my grandparents invited me and my family for dinner, but we spent all day there, but it was quite nice. When we came back, it was already late, and i didn't even get by to do my homework, bacause i was very tired! All in all, I think that this weekend was great!

Oh dear! - O rety!
Oh no! - O nie!
Oh well! - coś w stylu No dobra!/Trudno!
Poor you! - Żal mi cię!
What a disaster! - Co za pech!

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1 He went shopping.
2He met some friends in town.
3He had dinner a cafe.
4 He wrote an e-mail.
5 He rented a Dvd .
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