Mateusz is as old as Klaudia.
Mateusz is as talkative as Kacper
Jola isn't as talkative as Mateusz
Michał is shorter than Konrad
Jola is as tall as Kasia
Mateusz is taller than Kinga
Mateusz is the tallest in class
Kacper is as talkative as Michał
Kasia is less talkative than Mateusz
Kacper is the most talkative in class
Jola is the least talkative in class
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.st. najwyższy
-I think the English is the easiest subject.
-Tom is the quietest boy in the class
-Ronaldinho is more famous than Wayne Rooney
-Neptun is the furthest planet from the sun
-June is usually the hottes month of the year
2. st. wyższy
-December is colder than September
-Sue is taller than me
-Ola is friendlier than Anna
-I think dance is more exciting than singing
-Maths is worse than physic
3.st. równy
-I'm happy
-Angela is beautiful
-Book is interesting
-Chemistry is difficult
-Elephants is very big

Stopnień równy to możesz sobie nawet sama zdania wymyslić ;)
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