Wyobraz sobie ze jestes wlascicielem luksusowego domu (dom twoich marzen) opisz ten dom uwzgledniajac ponizsze wskazowki
1.lokalizacja np My dreams hous is located in....
2.liczba pokoi np.There are/is
3.wyposazenie, meble plus cechy domu np. There is a werdrop next to. It has got a 100 bathrooms.
Dlaczego lubisz swój pokój? np. I like house becanse it is...

Prosze o napisanie tego na dzisiaj bardzo wazne :):):):)



My dream house is located in Paris. I live in him together with her friends. Is large and has only 5 rooms. The largest is the living room. It is a large orange sofa and two red chairs. Opposite the sofa is a big-screen TV. And next to the TV is a small cabinet of books that I like to read. In the next room is a dressing room where we keep all of your clothes. In addition to a large cabinet is a small cupboard in which there are additions to our clothing. The third room is my room. It has green and purple accessories. Next door hangs a large picture that is with friends. My bed is big and very comfortable. Opposite the window facing my desk and the desk wile books to school and other things. In the middle of the room is a large purple carpet, which is very miękki.Następny room is Kasia. It is Yellow - Brown. Has a small brown with yellow bed quilt. The bed is a large yellow desk at which draws lessons and catch up. Her brown curtains decorate the windows. The fifth room is a room of Dominica which is in blue. Desk is blue with yellow accents. Beside the desk is a small cupboard in which it keeps its books. On the wall hangs our common picture. We have a beautiful, green bathroom where a large mirror, two sinks and large bath. Cabinet stands next to the tub with towels and rug. Beside the toilet is a cupboard where we keep all your toiletries. Our kitchen is orange. Next door is a large yellow box and refrigerator. In front of the refrigerator is a microwave and four cabinets. I really like my house because it is so what you dreamed.

PS. Mam nadzieję że sie spodoba : )