Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
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I am eating a dinner now.
What are you doing ?
She isn't playing a guitar.
He is reading a book.
My mum is talking to my sister.
John isn't doing his homework.
You are reading a book.
Mary is having breakfast.
They are running.
I am taking my bag.
We are waiting for my uncle.
He is looking at the stars.
We are doing our homework.
Are they smiling?
She isn't singing
He is not drinking tea now.
They are closing the book.
He isn’t opening the door.
He is swimming at this moment.
My dog is barking now.
Which way are you going to work now?
Why is she typing so slowly?
When is he coming home?
I'm smelling.
I'm expecting (a baby).
I'm tasting the cake.
I'm having a good time.
I'm thinking about you.
I'm admiring the picture.
We are not taking shower now.
I am not drinking beer now.
I’m waiting for Betty and Susan.
He is tidying up the flat.
She is calling everybody.
We are preparing for tomorrow’s
They’re doing the shopping in the
I’m not doing anything special.
She isn’t working now.
John isn’t helping Ann now.
We aren’t doing the shopping.
They aren’t coming to the party.
I’m learning English at the moment.
She isn’t playing on the computer now.
Are you preparing dinner?
Are they staying for the weekend?
My parents are sitting in the garden.
The train is leaving right now.
I’m looking for the glasses which were on the desk.
You are working.
He is driving.
She is teaching.
It is raining.
We are reading.
You are running.
They are writing.
They are laughing.
I am driving a bus.
Mike is gathering mushrooms.
We're sunbathing .
He's decorating his house.
We are flying to Berlin on Monday.
Mary is not coming tomorrow.
I'm admiring the picture.
I'm tasting the cake.