Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
When i wake up i make up my bed and dress up. Then i am going to kitchen and i have breakfast. I am going brush my teeth and i am going to school. I have lot of lessons. I do not like school. I am finishing late lessons. I am going back to my house, i am eating dinner and doing homeworks. When i end them i sometimes going out with friends or playing computer games. I am going to bed at ten pm. That is my day.
Nie wiem czy dobrze czas zrobiłem, myślę, że tak :-)
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In monday I get up at 7.10. Then I go to the bathroom and change clothes.I eat breakfast at 7.20. I go to school at 7.40. In school I eat my lunch. After the school I back home and I eat dinner. Later I go to english lessons. In home I do my homework about 2-3 hours.then I watch TV. After that I eat supper and I go to bed at 23.00 o'clock.
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