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Przed szkoła
- eat breakfast
- go to school
w szkole
- speak
- teach
po szkole
- came to hause
- eat dinner
- play computer games
- play sport
- sleep
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In Monday's morning I get up at seven o'clock because I must go to the school. My mum always tells my that I must eat breakfast because it's important for me. I always go on food to school. My first lesson is Maths. I don't like this subject so sometimes I sleep there. There I have got P.E. I like it. I always do every exercises. I locve playing volleyball. Next lesson is History, so I'm not very happy. But I like this subject more than Maths so it's ok. Then I eate lunch witch my friends. We always talk about new things and celebrities. I have biology too. This subject is a little bit interesting. Then I have got Art and it's the end. I'am really happy because I'm free. But I must do my homework. But it's easy. I like Mondays.
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