Write a paragraph describing a character from a soap that you like.

Who is the character and where does he/she live?

What does he/she do??

What does he/she usually wear??

How does he/she talk and behave?

Why do/don't you like the character??

Mam to napisac w czasie present simple plz zrobcie to z gory dziekuje.Moze to byc o małyszu krzynowku obojetnie



My favourite character is Louis Stevens from a sitcom called "Even Stevens". Louis lives in a city - Sacramento. He's a junior-high-school student. He usually wears baggy pants and hawaiian type of shirt.
Louis is very funny. He makes laugh everybody. He usually acts selfish and goofy, but he's also very conscientious.
I like him, because of his sense of humor and creative ideas.

nie wiem czy jest dobrze i pewnie sie troche z rozwiazaniem zadania spoznilam
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