Witam ! Mam uzupełnić tekst wyrazami play, eat, cycle, not move, not study, watch i przetłumaczyć go.

Cornwall is a peaceful and quiet area in the south of England. But a lot of people think that a big cat is living in the area. Its name is the Beast Of Bodmin.

David: I saw the beast las night ! I (1) ... football in y garden when I saw it under a tree. It (2) ... but then it ran away.

Megan: My mother and I (3) ... home. An enormous black cat ran inf front of our bikes. It had yellow eyes. It gave me nightmares!

Tim: I had a lot of homework, but I (4) ... . There was a full moon and I (5) ... something from my window. I could see a large creatoure in the shadows. It (6) ... something. I'm sure it was the beast.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
2.not move
4 not study