Make sentences using must, mustn't, , have to or don't have to, as in the example.
You must be quiet, the baby is asleep.
2. we/hurry/home-It/be/still/early
5.We/pollute/rivers- It/kill/the fish
6.We/drop/litter/on beaches- It/pollute/them
7.You/put/your hand up/first- It/more/polite
8.Ted/cut/grass- I/ cut/it/only/make/things worse
10. Sonia/walk/ to work- she/ not afford/ the bus fare

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2. we don't have to hurry home, it's still early.
3. Dora must see a doctor, she's ill.
4. they don't have to go to school tomorrow, it's holiday.
5. we mustn't pollute rivers, it kill the fish.
6. we mustn't drop litter on beaches, it pollute them.
7. you have to put your hand up first, it's more polite.
8. ted must cut grass, i cut it only make things worse
10. sonia must walk to work, she don't afford the bus fare
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