Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.I have a successful life
2.I go to any creative activity
3.different from other people
4.what is here said is invalid
5.I always stressing before the test
6.I have a brain after a hard day at school
7.My father has a small car
8.in my notebook is shown Figure
9.all kinds of skills are useful at school, work and life
10.I have to replace the pen caps
- I have successful finished my homework.
- John is so creative,he wrote a song.
- We have a different sens of humor.
- Do you mind the open window?
- I feel stressed after this exam.
- Brain is a important thing in human's body
- I want to have a smart business
- i am drawing the line.
- in school i can get many skills.
- when i go by taxi i always give a tip.
Our match was successful.
He is very creativeso he goes to art classes
I don't like him because we are very different
mind to nie wiem w jakim znaczeniu bo jest bardzo duzo, mogles przetlumaczyc.
stresed nie ma w słowniku
Ostrich has got very small brain
smatr tez nie ma w słowniku
I like drawing
She has got very fantastic skill.
tip też ma dużo znaczeń, nie wiem jakie chcesz.