List z zażaleniem

Kupiłaś przez Internet towar, z którego nie jesteś zadowolony. Napisz list do firmy, która Ci go sprzedała:
1) poinformuj co i kiedy kupiłaś
2) poskarż się na długi czas oczekiwania i brak reakcji na e-mail
3) podaj dwie wady zakupionego towaru
-powiedz, jakiego rozwiązania oczekujesz i wyraź nadzieje na szybką reakcje.
Od 120 do 150 słów.



Dear Sir/ Madam
I am writing to you to express my total dissatisfaction with the quality of your product.
I bought a phone Samsung U900 from one of internet auction on 1st February.You recommended this particuar model as a reliable and first-rate. I waited a very long time for this phone and I didn't get an answer for my e-mail from you. What is more I was assured the model comes with a set of instructions and working bateries, but the batteries were flat and the inststruction manual was in French.

There problems, however, were just the tip od the iceberg. After two days buttons stop working. I fallowed all the steps in the manual and I am perfectly sure I did not make any mistakes,

I hope that you will provide me a new phone. I look foward to your quick response on this serious matter.

Yours disappointedly
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