My room is full of various colours. His space: is very big. In my room they are overbalancing colours:. Directly opposite from going into a room a big, comfortable lined bed is standing pretty, flowery kościelą about pastel colours. By the bed two windows are found, and on them wooden blinds. Nearby a corner cupboard and souvenirs from holidays, toys and a big box in which unnecessary things are are standing. Metre behind the cupboard a large chest of drawers is put, and to 60 of it litre aquarium around with colour main planks. Right after it we will find the wardrobe with clothes and desk at which the monitor is located. End: very much I like my room, since he is in it much, of lively colours. There is little modern equipment in it much/. In the room it is possible always well to rest thanks to the big bed, calmly to learn for next lessons.
Mam nadzieje ze pomoglem Michau9 ;)